Mithil Linen Co: Where excellence resides.

Excellence in our products, efficiency in our services, and transparency in all our dealings. This is the ethos of Mithil Linen Co. Established in 1981, the company has grown to become a premier manufacturer, supplier and exporter, of all kinds of linen to the hospitality industry.

We at Mithil Linen Co. believe your guests are our primary concern. Hence we provide products that match only the highest standards of reliability, comfort and luxury. This emphasis on quality has led to our linen being the choice of premier hotels, restaurants, lounges, salons, spa and corporates across the country.

Reputed names always rely on our expertise in providing quality linen. However, we’ve been expanding our capabilities and extensively diversifying our product range. Today we cater to all kinds of needs with customised products and designs that are a unique combination of luxury and aesthetics.